Instagram course Mastering Calligraphy

Mastering calligraphy: ” … every artist was first an amateur”

Let’s be honest: calligraphy is quite difficult and it takes a lot of practice to develop your (steady) hand. But it is also a skill that anyone can learn: as long as you know what you are doing and why. So to help you get started, I have developed a brand new Instagram course Mastering Calligraphy: an online course which you can follow from anywhere via Instagram! How convenient is that?!

“This course is especially for everyone who wants to learn calligraphy – without taking short cuts –
but isn’t looking for a comprehensive course with hours of video footage to go through.”

The course is interesting if … :

  • you are new to (Copperplate) calligraphy and you would love to learn, but have no idea where or how to start;
  • you have tried calligraphy yourself, but it doesn’t feel you’re on the right track;
  • you are practicing for a while now, but you don’t see as much progress as you would expect/like;
  • you need a refresher course because you haven’t been practicing for a while now;
  • you already using Instagram (a lot!) as a great source of inspiration and/or to find tips to learn calligraphy

In other words, stop looking. This course might be exactly what you need right now!


Start course: Wednesday December 30, 2020

What to expect from the Instagram course Mastering Calligraphy:

  1. A short but complete online course. So we will work on a strong foundation based on Copperplate calligraphy
  2. For beginners and refreshers
  3. Calligraphy broken down into smaller pieces. As a result: better understanding of how to write your letters
  4. Prerecorded live videos and content accessible from anywhere via your own Instagram account
  5. All videos/content will be available at once
  6. All content you need handy in one account!
  7. Digital workbook “Fundamentals of Copperplate Calligraphy” (worth EU 17,50) and guide sheets
  8. 2 months access to all content
  9. Optional: homework suggestions

Good to know:

This is a pilot (please do not expect perfectionism) and therefore offered with a special price for the first group of early adaptors! Join me on a new adventure and learn a new skill.


All content will be available from Wednesday, December 30. I’ll recommend a schedule, but you can also watch everything at once.

When the course starts you will be granted access to the private Insta-account.

You will have access until Sunday February 28, 2021.


A very special Christmas/pilot price for the first group: €49 (normally €99).

Price will go up in the new year.

Practical info

  • Purchase your ticket via Shop and let me know your Insta-handle (@…) in the “additional notes”
  • You will receive a confirmation email of your purchase
  • Downloads will be immediately available on the confirmation page but will also be sent to you in the confirmation email
  • Send a friend request to the Insta-account mentioned in the confirmation email
  • You will be granted access when the Instagram course starts
  • You will have 2 months to watch all content
  • You will not get feedback on individual work, but everyone is free to tag me and/or send their work. I will pick a few pieces to use as an example and give feedback for everyone to learn from. I will only share work with your permission and if preferred anonymously


  • Who can join the Instagram course “Mastering calligraphy“?

Everybody who wants to learn OR improve their (Copperplate) calligraphy skills. The course is for both beginners as intermediate calligraphers who want to get back on track.

  • Why do you offer a short programme, will I learn everything I need to know?

Yes, I will explain all the basics. I will help you to start practicing and improving your hand.

  • What supplies do I need?

Paper, penholder, nib, ink (recommended: Sumi), a cloth, a printer, guide sheets (printed)

  • What if I miss a lesson?

All content will be available to watch and rewatch at your own pace

  • Why are you not going live?

I made this choice to prevent myself from getting distracted from comments during a session. Questions can of course be asked via Instagram.

The lessons are live recorded via Instagram and saved for you to watch and rewatch. Raw footage!

  • Why do I only have 2 months to watch the videos/content?

The longer it takes you to finish a course, the more likely you won’t make it to the end. By adding a ‘deadline’ I hope you have a positive motivator to go through all content and get the most out of this course! 2 months is more than enough time to view and practice all content in a calm pace. Your deadline: February 28, 2021